Grow Your Business • Comply with Confidence • Build the Future


Driven leaders partner with CDG to build prosperous industries and businesses.

Whether it’s finding a cost-effective solution to bring an industry back into compliance following a change in regulations, or keeping new site work on schedule for time-crunched commercial developers, CDG is the engineering partner that can help private enterprises maintain competitive momentum.

Making Industry Work

Comply with confidence.

Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations, avoid litigation and protect your productivity and reputation. In a market where regulations change frequently, CDG will guide you through this ever-changing regulatory climate to help you protect the environment, your business and your peace of mind.

Find an advocate for industry.

Industrial operations employ thousands of people in the Southeast. At CDG, we recognize that thriving industry is a vital part of a healthy economy. CDG tracks pending regulatory changes and acts as a liaison between the regulatory community and our industrial clients to help them prepare to meet new regulations. CDG is the responsive consultant to bridge innovation, industry and sustainability.

Use resources wisely.

At CDG, we share your commitment to stewardship of resources and the environment. Industries and enterprises can rely on CDG for engineering answers that are effective, economical and environmentally sound.

Driving Growth for Developers

Compliance, meet profitability.

Developers grow communities, and for more than 70 years, CDG has helped them do it. In the Southeast, we are a team of responsive engineers and environmental consultants helping growth-minded developers achieve profitability, compliance and speed.

Get to market without delay.

In all private enterprise, time is money — but that’s especially true when you’re developing commercial property. Your goal is to get permitted and get to work as quickly as possible. From the initial environmental site assessment to surveying, civil/site development, geotechnical and construction services, CDG’s robust in-house capabilities give us more flexibility and control to streamline the schedule of your project.



Are you ready to build a legacy that shows tangible signs of progress? It all begins with a simple conversation. We understand the challenges, pressures, and frustrations that go along with each project, but we can help you navigate through each phase.

With the right guide, you can bring your ideas and innovation into existence.