cdg new stockholders 2021

CDG announces two new partners of the firm

CDG Engineers and Associates, Inc., a privately held engineering firm, announced today the addition of two new stockholders – Chief Financial Officer Marc Hamilton and Controller Summer Tidwell. Hamilton and Tidwell join 16 other employees of the firm as owners responsible for providing operational direction.

CDG President and CEO Mark Pugh commented on the addition of the new partners, stating, “Marc and Summer bring tremendous value to CDG in their current roles and will undoubtedly bring an even higher level of value as partners of the firm. They are both strategy-oriented planners with an entrepreneurial drive that propels company growth and success.”

Hamilton becomes a partner of CDG after serving as an associate of the firm for three years. He joined CDG six years ago as the Chief Financial Officer responsible for overseeing the firm’s accounting and financial activities. Hamilton is licensed as a certified public accountant and brings 35 years of experience in tax and corporate accounting. Hamilton holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Athens State University and a master’s degree in tax accounting from the University of Alabama.

Hamilton focuses his efforts on analyzing data, designing and implementing processes across the company, and incorporating emerging technology into financial activities. During his time at CDG, the firm has seen a substantial increase in company value along with considerable debt reduction.

Tidwell also served as an associate for two years prior to becoming a partner of the firm. As the Controller, Tidwell is responsible for ensuring accuracy of financial reporting and governmental compliance to advance the company’s financial goals. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Tidwell earned a master’s degree in forensic accounting from Florida Atlantic University.

In her role at CDG, Tidwell has implemented project planning processes and provides oversight of branch management. She works to control overhead spend with a focus on client creation, project wins and employee development.

Pugh described the significance of expanding ownership for the company’s future success. “Adding to our mix of employee partners is a critical component of preparing for ownership and leadership transitions from one generation to the next.”