CDG’s full range of geotechnical and testing services ensures timely, cost-effective and expert design solutions from project conception through  completion. Our expertise is built on integrating advanced geoscience technologies with the physical environment. Our experienced designers specialize in conventional and innovative geotechnical procedures for foundation design, ground improvement and stabilization, and earth retention structures. Additionally, CDG maintains in-house drilling equipment and support vehicles to successfully achieve demanding project schedules.




Construction phase testing and inspection are essential elements of any project’s quality assurance and quality control program. CDG’s experienced team of engineers and testing technicians are trained to identify non-compliant elements and offer creative solutions to provide confidence in a successful and timely result. Construction phase services include engineering verification of appropriate earthwork procedures, foundation-bearing conditions, and materials testing. Inspection and testing are critical to evaluate the contractor’s performance in complying with the project plans and specifications.


Rigid and flexible pavement design
Earthen dam design and safety analysis
Sinkhole identification and remediation
Groundwater collection and removal systems
Structure distress evaluation, remediation and expert witness testimony
Stabilization techniques of soft and expansive soils
Foundation solutions for all loading and subsurface conditions
Settlement analysis and mitigation techniques
Slope design and stability analysis for conventional and steepened embankments

Expedite your project with our accredited in-house laboratories.

The CDG Materials Testing Laboratories maintains a strict quality assurance program and is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We have the advantage of multiple laboratory locations and can offer testing services to our clients with a rapid response and effective time frame.

AASHTO Accredited Logo

NAICS code: 541380

Accredited Locations: Andalusia, AL, Huntsville, AL,  Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC

  • Verification of appropriate earthwork procedures
  • Laboratory testing of soil and aggregate
  • Density testing of compacted fill materials
  • Evaluation of foundation bearing conditions including full-scale load tests
  • Sampling and testing of structural concrete, grout and mortar
  • Inspection of structural steel bolted and welded connections
  • Asphalt sampling and testing including batch plant inspections
  • Specialty testing such as sprayed fire-resistant materials and vapor emission testing
  • Special inspections in compliance with International Building Code (IBC) requirements

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