Environmental Consulting


As a consultant, CDG draws on more than three decades of hands-on project management experience. In that time, CDG has earned a reputation for excellence in responding to a variety of environmental concerns for a wide range of clients, including oil jobbers, municipalities, utility companies, manufacturing facilities and financial institutions. Additionally, CDG has established and maintained lasting relationships with clients and key industry players. Our clients significantly benefit from the valuable and ongoing partnerships we maintain with state and federal regulators.




At CDG, we understand the challenges of maintaining regulatory compliance for facilities and systems in an ever-evolving landscape. Our firm provides in-house third-party environmental compliance audits for Federal, State and local regulations. Each compliance audit serves as a valuable tool for our clients enabling them to minimize the risks of noncompliance and environmental harm, establish a framework for continual improvement and achieve cost reductions over time.


Subsurface soil and groundwater quality assessment
Wetland delineation survey, permitting and mitigation
Regulatory inspections, compliance and reporting
Spill prevention control and countermeasures compliance services
Petroleum storage system design
Tank inspections, compliance and reporting
Air permitting
Environmental site assessments and audits
UST closure assessments
Risk-based evaluations
Stormwater permitting
RCA and CERCLA project management
Hazardous waste permitting
Environmental compliance audits
Asbestos inspection and reporting
In-house drilling services
    • Sonic drilling
    • Auger
    • Air rotary/hammer
    • Direct push technology
In-house laboratory services

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