About CDG

We work to understand the vision of our clients and guide them through the complex journey of completing projects.

Our story is really all about our clients.

Every morning, our clients set out with a vision to make a difference. As driven leaders of thriving businesses, industries, and communities, they have one common focus: to build a legacy that shows tangible signs of progress. They strive to advance the world in which we live, improve the natural environment, and complete projects that build the future.

Despite their drive for progress, the path forward is often complex and unclear, cluttered with obstacles, risks, and uncertainty. While many challenges are known, others are unknowable, and progress is hindered by a constantly shifting landscape.

The team at CDG starts each day with a single mission: to understand the vision of our clients and guide them through the complex journey of completing projects. We understand the challenges, pressures, and frustrations that go along with each venture. Our goal is to constantly identify and clarify the path forward and to help people build their future, as we have done since 1946.

Leveraging decades of experience and a network of relationships, we provide more than engineering. Starting with a simple conversation, we map the best strategy forward to safely navigate each phase of the project, create next-generation design, and provide guidance that our clients trust. More than collaboration, we become integrated into a unified team to bring ideas and innovation into existence. Along the way, lifetime relationships are forged with trust and cultivated by listening and a desire to serve.

We strive to complete projects on schedule and within budget, but more than that, to surpass the expectations crafted by our clients on day one. With each accomplishment, businesses and industries prosper, communities thrive, and cleaner, safer environments give our clients a legacy worth celebrating. This is the progress on which CDG is honored to leave its fingerprints.


We help our clients protect the health of people and the environment with clean drinking water systems, safe sewage systems, sound roads and highways for people to travel, and responsible landfills.

Public Entities

We help elected officials and department heads of cities, counties and states navigate funding opportunities, environmental concerns, public hearings and other necessary steps toward new infrastructure.


We help industries find the most effective path to compliance when environmental regulations change.

Commercial Developers

We help commercial developers navigate the permitting process to begin construction as quickly as possible and then see the project through to completion.

Oil Jobbers

We identify environmental hazards and mitigate health risks to people when contamination is discovered.

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