Solid Waste

We are an industry leader in waste management.

Comprehensive Support

CDG’s¬†professionals have the experience, resources and knowledge to plan, permit and provide on-going operational consulting for any solid waste management facility.

We understand the capital, operating and future costs associated with solid waste management and integrate these cost challenges within facility planning to maximize value to your system.

Leading the Way For Future Solutions

Our firm is now leading the post-landfilling utilization of facilities and systems through the creation of methane recovery for green-energy projects, alternative waste technologies and innovative solutions for the future.

The CDG solid waste experts are presently assisting the power industry in efforts to contain and dispose of coal combustion residue in a manner more protective of our environment.


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Solid waste facility site selection, design and permitting
Coal combustion residuals (CCR) consulting
Landfill gas system planning and design
Landfill closure plans
Landfill remediation plans
Facility lifespan and capacity analysis
Solid waste management planning
    • Recycling strategies
    • Alternative waste technologies planning
Cell construction services
    • Design and construction management
    • Construction quality assurance
Compliance monitoring

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