Food Site Certification

Creative, strategic and executable value to companies, communities and organizations globally

CDG and Garner Economics have partnered to create one of the most extensive certification initiatives in the economic development arena for the food and beverage industry. Our goal is to help communities effectively prepare for attracting food and beverage companies. This expertise and locational knowledge also serves our corporate food and beverage clients as they have direct access and information on communities that have met the Garner + CDG rigorous review requirements.


Recession Proof

The Food and Beverage Industry has been described by many in the industry as “recession-proof” for one simple reason: people will always have to eat. The industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers, contributing to the growth of the industry and securing its title as an essential business.

Economic Growth

Food and beverage companies are major players in the U.S. economy. The industry contributes to the employment of more than 1.8 million workers in the country alone. These businesses are present in every state and contribute to nearly 5% of gross domestic product as well as 10% of the country’s total employment.

Expansion Opportunities

Leaders in this industry are always seeking to expand, but speed to market plays a large role in food and beverage clients selecting sites. The Garner + CDG Food Site Certification process assists communities in preparing for the location of food and beverage projects while letting the industry know the community has met rigorous review requirements.


Database Record

Hundreds of valuable criteria and variables necessary to support the critical business decisions of a food industry manufacturer

Labor Analysis

Comprehensive labor analysis by Garner Economics focused on the workforce requirements of the food and beverage industry

Building Layout

Virtual spec building drawing from CDG engineers to help a prospective client visualize how a building may be defined on the site

Certification Report

Report with the Garner + CDG Food Site Certification label or an explanation of what needs to be done to achieve the certification


Gain a competitive edge in pursuing food and beverage companies

Set your community apart from competitors by presenting food and beverage companies solid information that your site meets the criteria necessary to support a food industry manufacturer.