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Driven leaders partner with CDG to keep their business moving forward.

If you are a jobber, fuel transporter, or convenience store owner needing emergency spill management or facing regulatory agency requirements, chances are good that someday you’ll need a trusted partner to help keep your business moving forward.

Experienced partners.

CDG is an environmental engineering firm that has worked with jobbers, convenience store owners, and fuel transporters in the petroleum industry since 1989.

A Southeast authority.

CDG is a leading consultant and environmental contractor for remediation work from Virginia to Mississippi, and all points in between.

Comply with regulations, avoid risk.

To protect your business from risk and meet strict state and federal regulations, you need more than an environmental consultant. You need an advocate prepared to guide you through the regulatory process and keep your peace of mind. That’s what makes CDG the first choice for the petroleum industry in the Southeastern region.

Meet all your needs with one call.

Jobbers and convenience store owners require multiple environmental and engineering services: Environmental consulting, environmental engineering, phase I and phase II environmental site assessments, surveying, tank testing, and cathodic protection testing and installation, or any combination of these specialties. Since CDG provides these services in house, we can streamline the schedule of your project and minimize disruption for your business.

24-Hour Emergency Spill Management

From fuel transport accident spills to UST/AST leaks, CDG offers nationwide 24-hour emergency response management. This allows us to resolve a myriad of incidents and provide cost-control regardless of location.

24-Hour Emergency Spill Management Hotline

Maintain peace of mind.

If you discover a permit has expired or a compliance issue, be assured that CDG’s experienced engineers, geologists, chemists and environmental scientists will restore your site, your business and your peace of mind.



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