Construction Engineering
& Inspection

At CDG, we integrate into our client’s team to bring ideas and innovation into existence.

By utilizing comprehensive in-house services and a team of experienced construction engineering and inspection professionals, we provide more than engineering. We partner with leaders of communities and private developers to complete projects that build the future and create a legacy worth celebrating.

From roads and bridges to trails and greenways, our decades of CE&I experience and drive to serve help bring our client’s vision to life. Our licensed engineers seamlessly integrate into our client’s team to help keep every project on schedule and within budget through construction oversight and contract administration.

Throughout construction, our observers are dedicated to thoroughly inspecting every detail to ensure each project is built to last. Utilizing our in-house AASHTO accredited laboratories, we also provide testing for construction materials to confirm the project’s strength and durability.


Each project begins with a simple conversation. To get your project started, tell us about your vision.


CE&I  Services

    • Constructability review
    • Construction inspection
    • Material and procedure compliance
    • Field testing and material sampling
    • Project closeout

Administrative Support

    • Daily reporting
    • Project payment and invoicing review
    • Statement of underrun/overrun
    • Project progress reporting
    • Project closeout documentation