Emergency Spill Response

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After receiving a phone call through the firm’s Emergency Spill Response Hotline regarding a release incident at a service station in Cullman, Alabama, CDG mobilized personnel, a response trailer and equipment to the site. After meeting on-site with the Cullman County EMA, ADEM representatives, and Cullman County Fire Department officials, absorbent booms and other materials were deployed to fully contain the released product. CDG coordinated with a local construction contractor to deliver and stage sand material at strategic locations within a ditch adjacent to the release site to contain the flow of surface water and prevent the spread of the product downstream of the site.

CDG conducted emergency repairs on the UST system and coordinated with a vacuum truck contractor to remove captured free-phase product and impacted surface water. A 350-foot section of the ditch was excavated to a depth of one foot to remove heavily impacted soil. The removed soil was characterized and transported for disposal at a permitted facility under the direction of CDG personnel. CDG coordinated and directed reclamation efforts to restore the release site to its preexisting condition, including replacing the excavated soil volume and placing rip-rap stone within the ditch. CDG maintained constant communication with the station owner throughout these response efforts to assure them that the spill was addressed and remediated effectively.

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