Troy and Georgiana RAISE Sidewalk Improvements

Auburn University

In Alabama’s Black Belt and other rural counties, high pedestrian crash rates and outdated pedestrian infrastructure have made daily walking trips increasingly dangerous. CDG is currently providing professional engineering services for a series of RAISE funded sidewalk and pedestrian facility improvements in Troy, AL and Georgiana, AL on behalf of Auburn University to address these issues. Troy is set to receive 1 mile of improvements, and Georgiana will receive approximately 1.2 miles of improvements. The University worked with The Fifty Fund, an organization dedicated to helping communities become safe, clean and beautiful through street level research, engagement and investment, to acquire the funding necessary to support the projects. Services include preliminary project planning, design, project management, construction planning and field surveys. The University is currently applying for the second set of RAISE funds to support construction efforts. Additional project sites are pending.

Transportation, Geomatics

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