Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant

Southside Water Works and Sewer Board

Providing reliable utility service is challenging for any community, including Southside, Alabama, which has experienced rapid residential and commercial growth. The City’s existing wastewater treatment infrastructure was so taxed that a moratorium on new connections had been passed. To alleviate these issues, the Southside Water Works and Sewer Board trusted CDG to assist in evaluating the area’s wastewater treatment needs. A detailed alternatives analysis was completed to assess several solutions. This analysis indicated that building a mechanical treatment facility would be in the City’s best interest. CDG’s project team got to work designing a flexible system, including a sequencing batch reactor system that relied upon the existing lagoon system for wet weather equalization and sludge storage. This lowered the overall costs and significantly increased the operational flexibility of the facility. The new wastewater treatment plant accommodates the continued development and growth of the city.


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