Natural Gas Master Plan

Hartselle Utilities

Hartselle Utilities first contracted with CDG to complete a strategic master plan for its natural gas system in 2003. The master plan included the development of the system’s first gas model, an audit of the system’s regulator stations, gate station, cathodic protection and odorization systems. The model has been updated periodically over the years based on improved software technology for mapping (GIS) and the customer information system, as well as collection of key data from the gate stations and pressure test sites in the system. The latest update to the gas model completed in 2015 was used to perform evaluations to determine ways to increase system capacity in the county system and move more gas from the north gate station in the system. After model calibration, more than 20 scenarios were completed to evaluate possible solutions to address system needs over the next five years. A detailed 5-year improvements plan was developed, including budgetary costs for projects resulting from the modeled scenarios.

Natural Gas

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