Iron Mountain Road Extension

McClellan Development Authority

CDG partnered with the Alabama Department of Transportation, the Calhoun County Commission and the McClellan Development Authority to extend Iron Mountain Road on the U.S. Army’s former Fort McClellan campus. As the primary engineering consultant, CDG faced unique challenges with the presence of unexploded ordinance in the project corridor and a complex bid that included complimentary resurfacing plans completed by Calhoun County. The construction contract included acquiring project funding, preliminary and final construction plans, geotechnical pavement, slope and culvert foundation design, and the facilitation of project letting and award, totaling $2.6 million. The second, and final phase, was completed utilizing approximately $5 million in funds from the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program. CDG’s team provided environmental, surveying, geotechnical, design, construction engineering inspection and construction materials testing for both projects.

Transportation, Geotechnical, Geomatics

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