Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study and Rehabilitation

Utilities Board of the City of Andalusia

The Utilities Board of the City of Andalusia proactively responded to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) initiative by conducting a year-long study to investigate inflow and infiltration throughout the City’s collection system. The study began with installing portable sewer flow meters and tipping bucket rain gauges to gather flows, surcharge potential, and inflow and infiltration volumes. Following the study, CDG began initial closed circuit television and manhole inspections. The data from the study, along with the investigations, helped the firm to identify the most significant problem areas. CDG assisted the City in applying for funding through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund program to complete the project, which involved rehabilitating approximately 70,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer piping and appurtenances. The system continues to efficiently serve approximately 5,000 customers in Andalusia city limits.


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