Andrew Belle Aquatics Complex

City of Dothan, Alabama

The City of Dothan wanted to build a new pool to serve east Dothan residents since the pool previously located at the Andrew Belle Recreation Center closed in 2002 due to foundation issues. Utilizing a $500,000 grant from the Wiregrass Foundation, along with matching city funds, the City began the process of building the Andrew Belle Aquatics Complex in the spring of 2015. Before construction could begin, CDG had to perform geotechnical services and earth materials testing to evaluate the soil. Because the location previously held a drainage feature that had been filled to create an athletic field, the ground was wet, soft and unable to support the pool development. CDG designed a means to remove the unsuitable soil, control the shallow groundwater and backfill the area with high-strength soil, allowing for the use of conventional foundation support of the structures. The design helped to get the pool open to the public before the end of summer.


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