Our Story

At CDG, we are committed to building a higher quality of life for people today and a more viable future for generations of tomorrow.

As engineers, you might expect our story to be about building. But it’s not just about building things. At its core, our story is about building a higher quality of life.

What does it mean to build a higher quality of life? For us at CDG, it means engineering answers every day to serve growing communities while protecting the environment we all depend on.

After all, as engineers, we are energized by solving problems. But ultimately, we want to make a difference. At CDG, building a higher quality of life for the people we serve is more than a nice idea. We believe it’s our responsibility. In fact, when you get right down to it, it’s the reason we get up every day and come to work.

This is who we serve:


We protect the health of people and the environment with clean drinking water systems, safe sewage systems, sound roads and highways for people to travel, and responsible landfills.

Public Entities

We help elected officials and department heads of cities, counties and states navigate funding opportunities, environmental concerns, public hearings and other necessary steps toward new infrastructure.


We help industries find the most effective path to compliance when environmental regulations change.

Commercial Developers

We help commercial developers navigate the permitting process to begin construction as quickly as possible and then see the project through to completion.

Oil Jobbers

We identify environmental hazards and mitigate health risks to people when contamination is discovered.

Let’s Talk

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